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Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Are In Survival Mode ..prepare for the worst

By Teguh Yoga Raksa (2016)

"The key is not to  prioritize what’s  in your schedule , but to schedule your priorities (Stephen R Covey)"

To understand current business situations, need to more vigilant to prepare the worst situation. Business leader must be aware what will happen in near future, the 6th sense of business will help organization to survive in the future. One of the important agenda from a leader is to ensure  the business strategy workable to make the organization growth and sustain.

In survival mode , Most organization focus on 3 things such as  revenue/ sales/production output, cost and employee productivity. Mypersonal opinion, 2 top priorities in the survival mode organization are people and process. From people point of view, Business leader will ensure all members in the organization at any level  to be involved in all transition and change management process to make organization better.  From the bussiness process point of view , will find out details  innovatitve strategies  to make business process  more simple , effective and efficient and it will be reflected to business outcome.

People point of view :
·         How we encourage employee to be more productive ?
o   Mindset , competency (Knowledge , Skill and behaviour)
·         All Organization members are  change management champion
o   Always liked kotter approaches to manage transition (create sense of urgency , form a powerful coalition, create vision to change, communicate the vision, remove obstacles , create short term wins, build on the change, anchor the changes in the corporate culture)

Business point of view :
·         Create low cost of operation, to be more competitive
·         Simple and standard business process , from quantity to quality
·         Speed of business decision through effective risk management strategy
·         Focus on integrated solution services , to improve level of customer satisfaction

With current “unpredictable” business situation, “organization sustainability” become urgent and important. Business leaders will try to have a new inovation strategy to  survive and improve business competitiveness. A Business Leader with strong leadership  is a must  to overcome business situation and make decisions for better future. I do agree with stephen covey , it is not only to prioritize important things in your schedule but to schedule your priorities, keep to compel your priorities to be accomplished...salam pembelajar , learn, action and success (TY)


ahmad hidayat said...

I watch you sir

Teguh Yoga Raksa said...

Great!!!..dont forget to setting up your top priorities and make it happen, keep fight till the end..salam pembelajar learn, action and success..