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Saturday, July 11, 2015

HR Challenges - Managing Transition and Changes

by Teguh Yoga Raksa (2015)

HR team need to help organizations how learn to change and manage transition. HR has to align with business needs. HR deal with common questions :

  • How do we encourage team members and organization to take necessary action to change facing business needs ?
  • How do we determine which HR strategic initiatives to change and manage transition in the organizations ?
  • How do we engage team members in transition period?
  • How do we learn to expedite changes in organization ?
by answering this questions , we can manage transitions and eventually we addressing  new state of future organization as business needs. it will create a new organization that respond faster than competitors, market situation and unpredictable changes. Hopefully we always ready to change and of course end up with excellent business results. Salam sukses... learn action and success (TY)

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